Trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies with the lowest spreads and safest trading platforms.

An extremely liquid market, available 24/7
High potential to profit when the prices go up or down, high volatility rates
More than 2,000 currencies to choose, even though 5 of them have the largest market capitalization

Start trading Digital Money in a few steps

Create account with Dalsari
Choose your trading platform
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Dalsari WebTrader

Are you looking for a trading platform, which serves you with the highest trading standards? Well, Dalsari WebTrader is a friendly user interface platform yet sophisticated enough to allow you to manage any strategy you want to apply. It has proven itself as a smart and effective trading platform, mainly for new traders.


250 €

minimum to start

Standard Account

The Standard account is the starting point for beginner traders and seasoned traders. It will give a good taste of trading and its benefits.


2,500 €

minimum to start

Premium Account

Premium account is tailored for traders who have experience and have been trading for a while with us. It is an upgrade of trading with the Standard account.


25,000 €

minimum to start

Mega Account

Mega account is the highest level of trading with Dalsari. Any trader who upgrades their account here will enjoy exceptional trading privileges.

Why trading Digital Money with Dalsari?

Increase the volume of your initial capital with generous leverage, up to 1:300
Control the capital you are willing to invest by defining stop loss and take profits levels before you trade
Trade digital currencies against other digital currencies, and also digital currencies against fiat currencies

Bitcoin on Candlesticks Graphs

Bitcoin on Line Graphs