Fundamental Analysis

This analysis provides helping information before making
decisions. How? By analysing economic, political and social
forces which may impact assets prices.

News produces movements in the markets.
Central banks would boost or ruin the economy by the interest rates they decide.
The inflation is the price changes of goods over a period of time.

How can fundamental analysis help you?


It starts with the analysis of the broader macroeconomic factors and keeping only the ones which provide potential impact.


On the other hand, this analysis starts with the smallest influencing environment to macroeconomic information.


If a country has a large trade rate, it means it has a high demand for goods and services, this way its currency value will stay high.


This is mainly connected to the valuation of commodities. If a political conflict is growing, it may result to the growing demand for metals which are used in armaments and ammunition manufacturing.

Financial Events- NEWS

News and financial breaking news will help you make winning decisions when it comes to choosing trading instruments.


This tool automatically finds price levels and chart patterns to define the price direction which is most likely to happen. It is available as a plug-in for MT4 and it has an 80% forecast accuracy. It will provide 400k trading signals per month.

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