Dalsari WebTrader

Trade global markets from the browser you find more familiar,
in Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. Access the rich
set of functionalities and analyse financial assets. Open,
manage and trade in a few clicks. It is safe, secure, reliable
and technically powerful.

Access 30 technical indicators, 24 graphical objects and dozens other features through your browser.
A perfect solution which does not ask for additional softwares or advanced processing parameters.
Easy to use and navigate. Find everything you need to place your traders in the main page of the platform.

Why is Dalsari WebTrader part of a winning strategy?

Pending Orders

Keep orders pending and open them once a certain level of prices is met.

User-friendly interface

Easy to use interface, easy navigation, all necessary functions stay on the main page.

One Click Trading

Fast and immediate execution. Trades will be open directly once you place them, at the current price available.

Advanced Market Analysis

Advanced charts available, live prices for all assets. Full package of line, bar and candlestick graphs.

Dalsari WebTrader Overview

Dalsari Web trader is a dedicated product for beginner traders, in order to make their trading experience easy, safe and successful. Trade wherever you are, directly in your browser from any operating system. There are a vast range of tools, indicators, analysis, charts which help you to make the analysis you need to make good decisions.

Dalsari WebTrader Features

We offer additional support for Dalsari WebTrader users, 24/5. Specifically for beginner users, we have created small groups of traders, led by financial advisors who address any issue traders might have, and assist them with advice and technical support.

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